Justin Hicks has been a professional speaker for 3 years.  His background entails working within the corporate environment, labor relations, and shift work. Justin's passion is seeking out corporations, entrepreneurs, and other leaders to help him along his journey of self-education. He has had the opportunity to speak on many subjects such as company culture, engagement,  conflict negotiation, vulnerability, philosophy, and strategy.  Justin has presented twice in the Community Futures Board Room for our Lunch & Learn series. When he's not consulting, he works as a Manager in the Utilities industry. His hobbies include training for fitness competitions and coaching high school basketball.

Lindsey McNeil, Regional Marketing Manager for MNP holds a Bachelor of Arts from Saint Mary’s University and is currently completing a Master of Arts through Stockton University. Lindsey has been involved in many high level, successful marketing campaigns, for corporate, not-for-profits, and real estate. Lindsey prides herself on being able to help others see the value in “thinking outside the box” when it comes to growing their business. She also recently participated in the TedX Talk in Peace River.


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Transforming Organizational Culture with Justin Hicks

What are the keys of a great culture? How do we repair a damaged culture? Are we able to build and sustain a great culture into any work group? Learn the three keys to building an effective work group:
Building a Safe Environment, Sharing Vulnerability, & Establishing a Vision.
These keys can extend to any group ranging from volunteer organizations, small and large businesses, and even sports teams. No matter the size of your group or your goal, this presentation will teach you the principles of cultural chemistry that can transform any group!

One of the leading language and persuasion mavens, Faith Wood is an award-winning novelist as well as a communication and conflict consultant. Her captivating style of keynotes and workshop trainings have compelled audiences to “wake up and act” for the better part of 13 years. A former Peace Officer, Faith has front line experience with the power of persuasion. Weaving expert story telling with her disarming use of neuroscience, she has been invited to provide practical communication and influence strategies for government, associations and entrepreneurial organizations in over 7 countries.
She is the author of 7 outstanding books on the power of interpersonal influence including the Colbie Colleen Cozy Suspense Series which gives readers a chance to peer through the eyes of a behavioral profiler. To learn more about Faith, visit her at www.imind.ca

Effective Marketing For Your Business with Lindsey McNeil

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​The Basics of Building a Marketing Plan.

Introducing attendees to the importance of developing a marketing plan, and how to implement that marketing plan to grown their business. The session will focus on small business initiatives, digital marketing, and how to make yourself stand out from the crowd.


Magic of the Mind with Faith Wood

For many of us, we know more about our weaknesses then our strengths. And when we focus on the negative we have
a way of repelling opportunity, confidence and magic. In this seminar, Faith will demonstrate and share some strategies
for influencing your mind the way a high-performance athlete/leader trains their brain to perform. We can all find
ourselves speaking harshly inside the privacy of our own mind. Sadly, this tendency can be at the root of our doubts,
hesitations and feelings of inadequacy. This hour could change all that for good – just like magic!