Every time you communicate, assume that people will ‘show & tell’ you everything you need to know within the first few minutes of connecting with them – we just need to be aware of this and be alert for the signals. A person’s unconscious mind is telling you a story and it is our job to pay close attention, so we can interpret the important elements. This is where my law enforcement experience trumps all those books you might read about non-verbal intelligence and influence tactics. I cut through the tedious explanations and bring powerful insight through front-line examples.

When it comes to women in leadership roles, mastering the skill of nonverbal communication can make all the difference. Women can use the confident body language that men and women have come to expect from leaders without fear of being judged more harshly than their male counterparts. While acknowledging that using a strong speaking style without using strong words still puts women at a disadvantage, researchers assert that nonverbal dominance can be, at the very least, “a side door to achieving influence.”

Could you be unknowingly undermining your efforts with your body language (or theirs)? In this workshop, you will gain some practice and some insight as you explore:
1. How to know when someone is interested in you (or not)
2. How proxemics can motivate or repel
3. Body language faux pas that we make which undermine credibility and authority
4. Why the feet might be the most honest part of the human body
5. How to get more from your voice and presentation.

Wednesday evening entertainment: AHA for Networking!


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Thursday morning Workshop:
Mastering Your Non-Verbal Communications

Handwriting Analysis for Improved Networking - Really?
Absolutely! People are curious and, most of the time, they love to hear positive things about themselves. Learning how to deliver a quickie (analysis – I mean!), can help you get to know someone in a fun and non-threatening way. In this keynote, everyone participates.
Fact: Handwriting is as unique as a fingerprint, and characteristics within the way that the words and letters are formed can often say more about a person than the writing itself. A definite advantage if you are struggling to identify your ideal collaborator in the crowd.
You will discover:
• How transparent your attitudes and motivations really are
• How to rapidly customize your sales pitch to each unique prospect and stop wasting everyone’s time
• Discover why you may not be achieving all your goals and how a few simple alterations in your writing can
help you fix that
• A higher level of understanding about your own unique personality

One of the leading language and persuasion mavens, Faith Wood is an award-winning novelist as well as a communication and conflict consultant. Her captivating style of keynotes and workshop trainings have compelled audiences to “wake up and act” for the better part of 13 years. A former Peace Officer, Faith has front line experience with the power of persuasion.
Weaving expert story telling with her disarming use of neuroscience, she has been invited to provide practical communication and influence strategies for government, associations and entrepreneurial organizations in over 7 countries.

She is the author of 7 outstanding books on the power of interpersonal influence including the Colbie Colleen Cozy Suspense Series which gives readers a chance to peer through the eyes of a behavioral profiler. To learn more about Faith, visit her at www.imind.ca